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Established 1995. Clear Water Services is an insured and independent, service and supplier  of all Pool, Spa and Water Treatment requirements for the Utah area.

With over 30 years of experience in the pool and water purifications industry, look no further than CWS Utah. We are exceptionally price competitive and will beat any quote.

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We pride ourselves on personal service and garaunteed client satisfaction or your money back.

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I have used Clear Water Services to service my pool for the last 9 years.  The founder Chris ensures great care of my pool maintenance during the summer.  At the end of each season he winterizes the pool and in the spring opens it.  He has kept the equipment in very good running condition.  He also takes care of the chemistry making sure it always stays in balance.  Chris always goes the extra mile in every way to make sure things are going right with my pool and it is working properly.

Lonnie R. Oman – Utah resident


For over fifteen years we have received the professional services from Chris Snijman and the CWS team for our pool and spa.  Every interaction has been very positive, from the annual pool and spa closings and re-openings, replacement of heaters, pumps and other needed parts.  Additionally as our pool has aged, CWS has seen to the replacement of our tiles, a skimmer, and numerous other needs, each time delivering great results.  The work Chris and his team has done has enabled us to keep our equipment running in good order longer which has helped keep our expenses down.  We appreciate our working relationship with CWS and look forward to their continued great service and Chris and his teams friendship.

Ronald E. Seamons – Vice President, Southern Virginia University


We have been using Clearwater services for about 15 years. We’ve been very pleased with their service. They’re a good,solid,honest company.

Marsha Russell – Utah resident


Chris Snijman has been cleaning/servicing our family pool and spa for about 8 years now.   Those familiar with Utah, know of problems inherent with our temperature extremes. Chris has provided our spring breakouts, maintenance,  and more importantly the winterizing of our pool and spa, hence, we haven’t gotten any  cracks, leaks, etc.

When we call Chris, he immediately responds via phone and is generally there by days end. He has been fair, honest and reliable.  I would highly recommend him for your pool/spa needs.

Dr. Michael Lorscheider – Utah resident


CWS have been our pool experts for over fifteen years. Before we found Chris and his team, we had a string of “experts” who frequently didn’t know what they were doing. 

Chris can identify quickly and accurately any pool problem.  He has cleaned our pump and heater in an effort to extend the life of each, in an effort to save us money. He and his team have always acted quickly to pool emergencies. It is a relief when we are gone, that we can call him.  I have his phone number, his email and his kindness. He answers questions as well as comes to service rescue.

Pat Martinez – Utah customer

Water treatment services

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CWS Utah works with partners to provide ISO Certified, Water Treatment Plants, from the latest home systems to commercial use supplied in a range of 10′, 20′ and 40′ Shipping Containers.

All units are insulated, air conditioned/ heated. Water Treatment Plants are custom manufactured with your electrical, flow and treatment capacities in mind.

Our treatment steps include some of the following: (depending on your requirements)

•Feed Pump,
•Booster Tanks,
•Chlorine/ Chemical tanks with Injectors
•Multimedia Filters,
•Carbon Filters,
•Ion Exchange,
•Ultraviolet Light Sterilization,
•Reverse Osmosis,
•Ultra Filtration,
•Other Treatment Options.

All of our Water Treatment Plants have lockabe doors installed for easy access, and so that the container doors can be left (or Locked) open. All electrical and plumbing connections are done outside the front wall